Paper Knives

Paper Knives

Paper Knives

Your premier supplier for Guillotine Paper Knives, Stitcher Knives, 3-Knife Trimmers!

M4 Machine Knives Inc. provides paper knives that are a cut above our competitors.

We offer three inlay qualities for our guillotine knives.


Our Carbon Tool Steel Inlay paper knives is our most economical choice. The hardened inlay material is uniformly heat-treated producing a cutting edge that can sustain the production demands placed on today’s guillotine machines. This is the best choice for cutter machines with average operational time. This material grade may also offer an alternative solution to edge chipping when cutting board products with higher-end material grades.

The most popular investment is with our 18% Tungsten High-Speed Steel (HSS) Inlay knives. With a superior inlay, the average working life between sharpening is expected to last 3-5 times longer than our standard blade. The exceptional wear resistance provided helps keep the knife sharper – longer which results in fewer knife changes, less frequency of sharpening required and ultimately reduced downtime.

The absolute best investment given the right conditions is our Ultra-Fine Grain Tungsten Carbide Inlay knives. A super sharp edge will produce a superior cut quality, reduced dust and drag are the initial advantages this grade of the knife provides. 25 times longer life can be expected when compared to a standard knife!


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