Industry Products

Coating Units

End seals and Doctor Blades for your Sheet-Fed presses are manufactured by, Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH.

Sheet-fed presses with Coating Units are typically outfitted with Tresu and Harris & Bruno chambers.

For the (2) important components found in the chamber, M4 Machine Knives Inc., along side, Agergaard Graphic Supplies GmbH, have you covered.

End Seals are specifically designed for keeping offset printing applications leak-proof. These are offered in coatSeal Universal rubber material. Black rubber is suitable for everyday inks and red rubber is for water-based varnishes. Should there be a need for longer life with water-based varnishes coatSeal Longlife material is also available.

Doctor Blades are manufactured for precise doctoring and sealing are are available in a high quality Stainless Steel material or optionally for the containment blade a plastic polyester material.